• Omnadren 250 mg 5 amps

Omnadren 250 is the trade name of a mixture of testosterone from Jelfa (Poland). Omnadren-250 consists of the following four more temporally coordinated testosterone: 100mg testosterone Caproate, 60mg testosterone Isocaproate, 60mg testosterone Phenylpropionate, 30mg Testosterone propionate.

This composition is to ensure that Omnadren is very fast, but also acts as long as possible. Omnadren 250 is regarded as size and strength steroid. Through Omnadren one can rapidly achieve an increase in body weight. Since it aromatizes easily, much of the weight gained on water is out back. Anti-estrogens (Nolvadex) or Aromatase inhibitors (Arimidex) are necessarily recommended for the use of Omnadren, otherwise there is a quick expectation of estrogenic side effects. One can also have a natural aromatase namely zinc in high doses (75-100mg / day) . A fluid retention in the joints promoting strength gains can be achieved through Omnadren.

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Omnadren 250 mg 5 amps

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